Flatbed Towing

Flatbed Towing

Flatbed Towing in Lamar County, Texas

If you’ve found yourself in need of a tow, but are concerned about the distance or the safety of your car, flatbed towing may be the best option for you. Getting caught in a predicament can happen to anyone, anytime and anywhere. With the help of American Towing & Recovery, you can quickly get your flatbed towing service and move on with your life.

American Towing & Recovery proudly serves Lamar County Texas and the surrounding areas with excellence in all towing services. Flatbed towing is popular for car owners who would like a bit of additional care in their tow. In this method of towing, the car is completely lifted onto the bed of a truck and secured in place using the axles. This way, the car is not touching the ground while being transported to its destination.  

We recommend flatbed towing for long distances, in cases where car owners and concerned about damage that could be caused to their car, and also for all wheel drive cars. For all wheel drive cars, wheel lift towing is not the best option, especially for long distances, as pulling the 2 wheels along may cause damage to the transmission. Rest assured that with American Towing & Recovery, we offer a number of towing services and are able to discuss your needs, car and concerns before hauling your vehicle. We put the safety and care of your car first.

Our teams of professional towers are responsible and reliable. Once you’ve called, we’ll get to your car as quickly as possible to get you on your way. We’ll carefully evaluate the situation before proceeding to lift your car onto the bed of our truck. Then, we’ll ensure that the car is properly secured before pulling out. 

For the best in wheel lift towing in the area, contact American Towing & Recovery today! We’ll be on our way to help you in no time.

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